Why Tekpea

Tekpea empowers Smart Cities

Tekpea at a Glance

– Powering the IIoT revolution

– Connecting sensors to the cloud

– Protocol conversion to and from TCP/IP

– Rapid sustainable deployment

– Flexible, Modular, Cost Effective

– Secure end-to-end communication standard

Our mission is to transform unconnected products into connected services to build a smart world

Tekpea partners with System Integrators and Devices Manufacturers to deliver the next generation of smart grid and digital energy services to Utility companies, Municipalities and Building Operators.

Utility operator
Municipalities / Goverment
Building Builder
Smart City / Business Park

Infrastructure assets management  and control platform

A smart city business intelligence solution for energy and utilities, that offers applications and capabilities to help improve asset maintenance, asset utilization and performance management. Slice and dice your data to the most granular level to identify new issues and new opportunities, to make better informed business decisions.

Advanced technology fast to deploy

The major advantages of Tekpea’s highly modular, building block-based platform are the range of possible applications, its adaptability to existing conditions and the rate at which new products and solutions can be built, released, and further developed.

Protocol conversion from Edge to Cloud

Our FOG node technology stack solve the last mile infrastructure problems with protocol conversion and distributed intelligence. Tekpea’s industry-first multi-protocol wire and wireless communication technology (PLC, BLE, RF) and its inherent interoperability enables adaptability.

Adaptable to existing infrastructure

Solutions always need to fit into existing conditions. Each customer has its own unique needs. With our technology, our partners easily build advanced solutions in a variety of scenarios, by adapting to different geographies, existing conditions and challenging grid infrastructure.

Data integrity, encryption and security

Energy data is locally stored at various levels of our platform. Measurements are buffered and send from the edge to the cloud through an encrypted communication tunel.