Tekpea empowers Smart Cities


Communicate. Measure. Control. Automate.

With Tekpea technology, your meters, appliances, devices, and subcomponents can now communicate. Measuring what they’re doing is obvious enough. What if you can control them, or allow them to control themselves? Tekpea’s end-to-end technology platform enables you to deploy fast intelligent systems and smart services unheard of until now.


State of the art technology platform

Tekpea provides a resilient IoT plateform featuring a multi layer technology to build digital energy services combined with unmatched asset management functionalities. Our platform enables unparalleled, scalable, cost-effective, and secure IoT solutions. Our technology sets standards for tomorrow’s utiliy and smart city IoT deployments by connecting seamlessly the IoT last mile infrastructure to the cloud. When everyone speaks the same language, things simply work better.

Resilience and flexibility

Tekpea delivers a technology platform that provides resilient communication capabilities between devices and the places where energy data is used for decision-making and control. Building blocks, capable of secure two-way communication across protocols, can be combined to meet virtually any requirement. This enables you to easily build and deploy viable energy management solutions in a variety of scenarios, adapting to different geographies, existing conditions, and infrastructures.

One platform for all IoT protocols and languages

The Tekpea Platform, overcome the IoT language barriers. Our technology translate and converge various data streams from devices and services with disparate wire and wireless protocols (Bluetooth, PLC, Wi-Fi, ZigBee, and more) into the same standard IP-based language. Mesure, control, command and manage your IoT assets from a single interface that is vendor agnostics.

End to End security

Tekpea secure E2E technology acts as a safe guard for new IoT devices and services, empowering our partners to create, deploy and maintain innovative new revenue-generating applications with speed and certainty. Our IoT platform enables utilty operators around the world to monetize their networks quickly for the connected future, reduce complexity, and simultaneously address security, flexibility and scale.

Platform As A Service (PAAS)

The solution consists of software, infrastructure, and devices/sensors. Our platform is designed to scale and support large deployments that include remote, rural locations bridging the IoT last mile to the cloud.

Energy and utilities asset management platform

A smart city business intelligence solution for energy and utilities, that offers applications and capabilities to help improve asset maintenance, asset utilization and performance management. Slice and dice your data to the most granular level to identify new issues and new opportunities, to make better informed business decisions.

Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI)

Tekpea powerful infrastructure is designed for unlimited scalability and redundancy. Our platform solves all communication issue from the last IoT mile to the cloud to enable real time data stream processing and promptly reacts to critical information and event. Register your devices with unique identifiers and create devices group for easyer bulk management and send command to device on demand from our platform.

Patented technology

Our advanced concentrator and gateway technology is proprietary and Tekpea maintains intellectual property rights through patents:

PATENT 8,201,240

Activation, Initialization, Authentication, and Authorization for a Multi-Services Gateway Device at User Premises

PATENT 8,280,978

Demarcation Between Service Provider and User in Multi-Services Gateway Device at User Premises

PATENT 8,205,240

System and Method for Providing Network Support Services and Premises Gateway Support Infrastructure

Next gen technology fast to deploy

The major advantages of Tekpea’s highly modular, building block-based platform are the range of possible applications, its adaptability to existing conditions and the rate at which new products and solutions can be built, released, and further developed. Because the platform is so flexible, new business cases and use cases develop frequently.


Multi-protocol speaking one language

Tekpea’s industry-first multi-protocol wire and wireless communication technology (PLC, ZigBee, RF) and its inherent interoperability enables adaptability, easy integration with 3rd party technology and simple localization.

Adaptable to your current infrastructure

Solutions always need to fit into existing conditions. Each customer has its own unique needs. With our technology, our partners easily build advanced solutions in a variety of scenarios, by adapting to different geographies, existing conditions and challenging grid infrastructure.

Black out or system crash data recovery 

Energy data is locally stored at various levels of our platform. Measurements are buffered and redundantly backed up in order to keep consistency with cloud data for prompt automatic data recovery.


How Tekpea Platform Works

Our platform is an end-to-end IoT technology stack―from infrastructure to application―that is modular down to the component level. Every micro-service includes a well-defined API, such that companies can leverage the entire stack, or pick and choose just the components they want, and then integrate them into existing or third-party systems. At the highest level, Tekpea platform can be broken into three areas:


The Services Platform provides tools to create and centrally administer connected services and deliver those services to the right devices, to the right users, at the right time. It includes a robust library of pre-built Business Services related to utility things ( smart meter, EV charging station, light sensor, etc.; a Services Factory to create or enable new services; Lifecycle Management to correctly deliver services across the entire user and device lifecycles; Billing, Payments, and Taxation services to charge customers for services rendered.


The Device Platform connects and controls information flow between each device and all other endpoints in your system.
Purpose built for IoT and globally tested at scale, the Device Platform enables OEMs to securely and efficiently deliver services to any number of devices. Architecturally separated from the Services Platform, the Device Platform automates device configuration as services evolve, improving operational efficiency and enabling advanced business models where users can carry seamlessly connected services from machine to machine. It also integrates a number of tools to increase responsiveness, including a real-time event management, state management. Finally, it includes a smart edge client that enables maximum service flexibility while reducing both connectivity and cloud computing costs.


Infrastructure Services provide the tools and analytics to help Utility distributors manage and monitor their entire system—from infrastructure to applications—at any scale. Infrastructure Services integrate advanced tools, including a container deployment orchestrator, rules-based anomaly detection, trend analysis, and a full audit trail to detect security threats.
The entire system incorporates security best practices at network, transportation, and application levels. Security protections at the network level include firewalls, SSL encryption and a dedicated private IP range. The transportation level involves moving data, while the application level deals with data at rest, multi-factor authentication.

Tekpea technology platform solves IoT communication issues 

The Tekpea Platform, overcome the IoT language barriers. Our technology translate and converge various data streams from devices and services with disparate wire and wireless protocols (Bluetooth, PLC, Wi-Fi, ZigBee, and more) into the same standard IP-based language. Mesure, control, command and manage your IoT assets from a single interface that is vendor agnostics.