Tekpea empowers Smart Cities

State of the art technology platform

When connecting millon of sensors from the edge to the cloud, all devices need to speak the same language, to easily monitor, measure, control and automate all the assets from a single cloud platform interface. 

Our FOG node technology stack solve the last mile infrastructure problems with protocol conversion and distributed intelligence.

Our patented FOG Node gateway technology is a key layer of our platform acting as a distributed intelligent middleware component between the edge sensors and the cloud communication layer. The FOG node is composed of a protocol converter that translate all wired and wireless protocol into TCP/IP, and a concentrator that stores and normalize data while securing bi directional communication with the cloud.

EDGE : Sensor & Collection layer

Communicate, Mesure, Control

Turn a non connected device into a smart service with our communication module. Our multi-protocol data collection modules are small hardware components that can be connected or embedded into any sensors. These modules collect the sensors data and send the information through multi protocol communication, wired (Power Line Communication) or wireless (RF, BLE, WIFI, etc..) ensuring a secure bi-directional communication link up to the concentration layer.


Translate, Control

Conversion layer:
Our bridge is the convergence point for the communication modules in the field. It converts all various wired and wireless protocols into TCP/IP. The bridge enable bi-directional communication from concentrator to the communication modules for data collection and control.

Concentration layer
The Concentrator combines transmissions to and from the collection layer and communication layer, by storing and mormalizing the data coming from the sensor before transfering to the cloud. Our FOG node concentration solution is distributing the cloud intelligence closer to the field to simplify the last mile connectivity, facilitating a secure bi directional communication between the sensors and the cloud computing data center.


Data API, Interface

Communication layer ( Head End System)
A cloud data store holds data coming from the edge sensor through the concentrators and makes it available to applications through APIs. It provides real-time distribution of data for redundant storage, server distribution and load balancing. A SSL-encrypted tunnel enables secure transactions.
Tekpea also provides APIs for 3rd party application providers intagration (i.e. billing systems, data mining, analytics, CRM, ERP, etc.).

Application layer
Application layer gather real time and historical data from the communication layer through API. Presentation can be general in apperance or application specifics.
Based on high performance open source databases, it is scalable for high volume and frenquent data collection. Our Dashboard are widget based, flexible and customizable for a variety of applications, like:
– SCMS : Smart City Management System
– MDMS : Meter Data Management System
– LMS : Light Management System
– EVMS : Electric Vehicle Management System

Key software components

Communication Layer / HES : Head End System

The HES serves as a software layer to manage all interactions with installed assets – concentrator, bridge, module & meters. It’s a modular, service-oriented application composed of multiple functional blocks.

SCMS : Smart City Management System

Augment smart city services with real time data overview. Monitor and control the city from a single web interface. Optimize the service level to improve citizens life while reducing maintenance cost. Monitor and control electric & water meter, street lighting and electric vehicle chargers and sensors (environmental, motion, traffic).

MDMS : Meter Data Management System

Our IoT platform provide Meter Data Management System that is customizable to customer needs and it’s integrated with a variety of enterprise application such as billing, pre-payment and on line payment systems. To improve operational efficiency, the platform also offers real-time loss analysis, and overload alert messaging.

LMS : Light Management System

Tekpea lighting solution offers the ability to add measurement and control functionality to any LED lighting system. Set up automated light dimming based on street traffic. Receive an alert in case of faulty LED. Our solution simplify development of light applications for industrial complexes, and street lighting from a single cloud interface.

EVMS : Electric Vehicle Management System

Monitor a connected infrastructure of EV Charging stations. Maximize ROI with dynamic pricing models for demand management. Real time overview of charging assets, revenue stream and other information using a Webportal. EVMS include Mobile App allows EV owners to operate in real time the chargers with online payment system providing a great customer experience.