Smart City

Tekpea empowers Smart Cities




Cities are booming,
the challenges are great

Designing the city of tomorrow to be liveable, sustainable and secure require a complete portfolio of technology and know how. Ageing city infrastructure must comply with the new smart city standard of intelligent use of energy, improved mobility solutions while securing data and networks for citizens and administration.


Tekpea has deployed Smart City solutions in Europe connecting electric and water meters, solar micro grid systems, EV charging stations, street lightings and environemental sensors into a complex smart grid infrastructure.


Our customer is located in a historical city center, where creating an infrastructure is complicated due to architectural, environemental and legal constrains. Tekpea mission was to improve the existing and inconsistant grid infrastructure to enable digital energy solutions while avoiding services disruption for the local residents.


To minimize city investment and leverage existing grid infrastructure, Tekpea technology is highly modular and multi-protocols to connect all kind of devices and sensors from the edge to the cloud. Our IoT platform has been chosen for it’s rapid deployment capabilities combined with a fully customizable interface with real time monitoring and overlaod alert detection that enable grid optimization and maintenance cost reduction.
To overcome city environmental, historical and legal constrains, Tekpea leverages a multi protocol solution to connect sensor at the Last Mile. Our IIoT system uses multiple wired and wireless protocols (PLC, RF, WIFI ) and can adapt to any existing infrastructure.


Our FOG Node architecture handle End to End connectivity from different systems of sensors with data normalisation in the field. The concentrator also act as consumption data storage for data recovery.
Tekpea IIoT Platform (PAAS) connect and monitor in real time all individual smart meters, lights, EV charging stations and any type of sensors / devices assets at granular or macro level to perform advanced analytics, automated supervision dashboard as well as overload warning alert.


Upgraded city infrastructure
Tekpea solutions optimize and improve reliability and connectivity of ageing city grid systems.

Limited city budgets
Our platform improve operational efficiencies of existing infrastructure with limited new investment.

Real time infrastructure assets monitoring
Our platform provides real time monitoring of all the grid assets enabling an improved quality of service level and acheiving maintenance cost optimization.