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Smart Charging for Electric Vehicules

Tekpea IIoT platform empowers the mobilty revolution

Electric vehicles (EV) are improving urban air quality and noise pollution with the potential to reduce our dependence on oil imports for road transport. However, the booming forecast for electric vehicles, battery technology and digitization presents unprecedented challenges on network architecture and control.


Tekpea has deployed Smart Charging solutions for Electric Vehicles in Asia. Our system includes power stations and charger pods with an associated mobile app for payment and geo – localisation delivering an improved customer experience.


Provide a versatile solution adapted for limited connectivity environment such as underdground parking and rural areas. How to install and run a EV Smart Charger network infrastructure composed of individual charger pods and stations that are fully connected to a back end system for 24/7 supervision.


With our multi protocol solutions we solve the problems of deploying EV charger in different conditions such as underground parking lot or remote highway gas station.

Tekpea connects and monitors the Smart Charging assets from a centralized platform portal to perform advanced analytics and control charging revenue generation.

EV owner utilizing our smart charging mobile application is able to locate the closest EV charging station, pay, charge the vehicle and receive an alert when charging is completed.


 Improved Customer Experience
EV charger owner utizing our smart charging solution is able locate the closest EV station, pay and consume the charging.

24/7 reliability and monitoring
Connect and monitor Smart Charger assets to perform real time advanced analytics. Manage and dispatch incident detection with the instant messaging alert enabling fast response to maintain 24/7 service availability.

Mobility Plan
Our solution enable a rapid deployment of electric vehicle charger infrastructure to accelerate the urban mobility plan. Improve urban air quality and reduce noise pollution with our smart charging solutions for Electric Vehicles.