End to End solutions to enable rapid deployment of Smart Infrastructure


Connect rapidly smart lights, EV chargers and smart meters to our node concentrators by building a FOG infrastructure ensuring a secure link between the edge IoT and the cloud platform.


Our Last Mile IIoT solutions support multiple wired and wireless protocols from the edge to the cloud in order to adapt to your existing infrastructure.


Unleash the power of digital energy services with our IIoT platform that aggregate edge sensors data for real time supervision with automated alert and front end customer application.

Unlimited digital grid system and services intgrated by our IoT platform

Tekpea IIoT platform empowers System Integrators, Utilities Providers and Municipalities around the world with scalable and fast-to-deploy solutions delivering added value for them and their customers.

Tekpea IIoT Solutions 

Smart City

Designing the city of tomorrow to be liveable, sustainable and secure require a complete portfolio of technology and know how. Tekpea has deployed Smart City solutions and digital energy solutions in Europe connecting electricity, solar micro grid, EV charging station, light and water sensors into a complex infrastructure.


Smart Lighting

Smart Lighting enable cities to better manage their assets and reduce energy consumption. By automatically dimming public lighting when no pedestrians or vehicles are present, smart lighting has the power to reduce light pollution and energy cost while keeping neighborhoods safe. Tekpea lighting solutions has begun to be rolled out in Asia.


Smart Charging

Electric vehicles (EV) are improving urban air quality and noise pollution. However, the battery powered mobility revolution faces unprecedented challenges on network architecture and control. Tekpea has deployed EV smart charging solutions with associated end user mobile app services in Asia.


Smart Metering

Smart meters are a primary enabler of any grid digitization effort. These smart devices enable better control of your entire infrastructure. Upgrading customer meters is still a untapped revenue opportunity for utility operators. Tekepa has rolled out many AMI infrastructure in rural area, skyscraper and shopping mall in Asia.


Optimize resources and maintenance cost while decarbonizing the grid 
to improve citizens quality of life

Tekpea enables fast and reliable deployment of smart infrastructure by connecting any sensors from the edge to the cloud into a single IoT platform.

State of the art real time communication IIoT platform

With the proliferation of sensors you need solutions to connect them from the edge to the cloud, and store, and analyze device data. Tekpea IoT platform provides flexibility and scalability so you can build IoT solutions for smart grid applications at a fraction of the cost. Add a layer of AI services, to make your sensors even smarter. Build robust infrastructure with our security features.

Edge Sensors Management

Monitor, control and manage your sensors fleet from a single tool. Improve service level and optimize resource deployment.

Real Time Data Visualisation

Tekepa device management tool with real time data visualization are essential for centralized monitoring of the infrastructure assets.

API Presentation Layer 

A rich set of APIs integrates with data and energy management applications. The APIs enable web based or mobile front end interface.