Tekpea empowers Smart Cities

Communicate. Measure. Control.

Your meters, appliances, devices, and subcomponents can now communicate. Measuring what they’re doing is obvious enough. What if you can control them, or allow them to control themselves? Tekpea’s end-to-end technology platform enables you to deploy systems and services unheard of until now.

Resilience and Flexibility

Tekpea delivers a technology platform that provides resilient communication capabilities between devices and the places where energy data is used for decision-making and control. Building blocks, capable of secure two-way communication across protocols, can be combined to meet virtually any requirement. This enables you to easily build and deploy viable energy management solutions in a variety of scenarios, adapting to different geographies, existing conditions, and infrastructures.

Industry-first multi-protocol to cloud technology

Tekpea provides an efficient, scalable method of delivering data to and from devices connected via PLC, Zigbee, or RF. Tekpea modules (the “pea”) are small hardware components which can be embedded/attached to new and existing devices. The gateway concentrator gathers data from the peas. The data is time stamped, encrypted, then sent to cloud based data stores. This ensures data resilience and security under the most difficult realities. An extensible and easy to use API, multiple display layers, and a range of custom cloud services allow you to manage and control of hundreds or hundreds of thousands of measurement points in real time.